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As an experienced massage practitioner, I understand that your needs are truly unique. My approach is to focus your treatment on any problem areas, adapting my technique to meet with your requirements exactly. What my clients say about my services only adds to my sense of personal and professional satisfaction. Read my client testimonials here>>


Your Appointment


Before your massage treatment, I will undertake a brief consultation with you to better understand your needs. This time is important, as it allows me to develop a holistic approach to your treatment, bringing you the maximum benefit from your massage. It also creates an opportunity for me to answer any questions you might have.


How I discovered the benefits of massage


I experienced years of suffering from frequent muscle pain and spasms in my lower and upper back that made sitting and walking painful and uncomfortable. After paying a lot of money for physiotherapy, I realised that regular massage not only helped prevent periods of acute pain but also helped to reduce my stress levels and improve my overall well-being.


Why I decided to practice


As soon as I realised what massage could do for me, I wanted other people to experience its amazing benefits too. As I have always loved giving and receiving massage, I decided to practice professionally. I qualified at the prestigious Massage Training Institute and spent two years teaching at the Bodyology School of Massage.


From practitioner to teacher


I am proud to have worked as both a practitioner and teacher of pregnancy, baby and office massage. To keep my skills and my approach finely tuned, I am committed to a programme of continuing professional development, working alongside other practitioners to build on best practice. At all times, I integrate trusted massage techniques into my approach.



How I work


I combine trusted, proven techniques in massage with a holistic approach to resolve the issues my clients are experiencing. At all times, I only work with completely natural, paraben-free beeswax and vegetable oil products. These products provide a superior massage experience and improved results. It’s all about providing you with an unrivalled level of care and treatment.



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